“It was crucial that the partner we chose had a global footprint that matched ours, as well as the flexibility to adapt their tools and processes to our values.”

International reach

International reach

Multinational steel manufacturing corporation

Worldwide presence

Worldwide presence

Operating in 60 countries with 260,000 employees

Leadership on a global scale

Leadership on a global scale

Global programme to identify future leaders


ArcelorMittal approached Cubiks with the need to develop and deploy high potential staff. They wanted to identify the best leadership talent within the company and highlight any talent gaps across the organisation, in order to source the people required for future business growth.

ArcelorMittal wanted to develop a new generation of leaders as part of its ambition to create a more diverse business. They needed to explore how core leadership competencies were demonstrated on a daily basis, and feed this knowledge into the company’s ‘10 Golden Rules’ for leaders.


We developed a bespoke Cubiks 360 questionnaire to assess performance and used PAPI 3 to identify key personality traits. This has given ArcelorMittal the information it needs to understand leaders’ preferences and behaviour in the workplace. The results are then collated to identify overall potential.


The project has enabled ArcelorMittal to achieve international success:

  • Trialled with 300 participants at ArcelorMittal’s University, then rolled out internationally

  • Delivered hundreds of leadership assessments across Europe, North America, South America, CIS, South Africa and Asia

  • ArcelorMittal named in global HR firm Aon Hewitt’s list of top companies for leaders (ranked in the Top 7 in Europe)